Loch Long – the 29 steps

After a tasty breakfast roll and tea/coffee, we drove the 7 miles towards Finnart. The site is between the missile loading pier and Finnart pier. Thank you Keith for introducing us to this new (to Divetech)site.

There is parking for 3 -4 cars and access across the road to a pebble beach site via a set of steps (29 if you allow for some poetic licence).

Attendees were Keith, our organiser and ACI, Stuart our OWI of the day, Zadgil our Sports diver in training, Carolyn our assistant dive manager for the day and myself, also ACI.

Buddy check
Buddy check

Carolyn got her Sports Diver assistant dive manager signed off and Zadgil got various Sports Diver skills signed off as in diving with a SMB for the first dive and the second with compass work and deploying a dSMB. Well done both of you.

Testing out Sports Diver skills
Testing out Sports Diver skills

This is a very good training site with easy access, a good safe clear approach to entry in the water, easy kit assembly area and donning via a handy man made stone jetty. It is not a high activity site for things to see but there are plenty small things there and a submerged platform which is great for starting skills from in approx 8-10m without kicking up silt etc. Stuart and I had  two lovely dives in reasonable Loch Long vis and had a good explore of the area.

I for one would recommend further training there this year. AND it was gloriously sunny! Thank you Keith for organising the dive and the weather today.

Not a bad spot to dive - The Cobbler in sunshine
Not a bad spot to dive – The Cobbler in sunshine

Written By Ann Dustan

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