Thursday Evening Diving

The days are getting longer which means more time to get diving.

As of 26th May Divetech will be reinstating evening diving (approx every Fortnight) at Dunbar Harbour (or another local site).

If you are interested in getting involved please get in contact.

Upcoming evening dives:

Thurs 26th May (contact: Ann)

Thurs 9th June (contact: Keith)

Thurs 23rd June (contact: Ann / Keith)

Oxygen Administration Course

Hi all, as you know Divetech ran BSAC Oxygen Administration Course this weekend on Saturday the 21st of May 2016. This was held at Ann’s Dental Surgery at 55 Captains Road. Thank you for all your organisation Alex and thanks to Keith who came along to help as well.

Many congratulations to our six successful students! Hannah, Carolyn, Zadjil, Shaun Simpson, Shaun Cessford and Rafal Pipczynski. All passed the multiple choice exam after a full day of lectures and a lot of practical applications.

The lectures went over the basis for oxygen as a first aid measure in diving incidents. DCI and Burst Lung were extensively covered. Recording of incidents and all measures taken after recovery of a casualty were reiterated as were the involvement of the emergency services.

The practical included Basic Life Support – DrABC, CPR on the Annes (not me – no e!) and Paolo; practice of the recovery position on each other; use of the pocket mask as an adjunct to BLS; setting up and use of the oxygen administration equipment which the club has and is kept on the boat.

We all had tremendous fun and worked hard with two Resusciannes and one Ambu Man (named Paulo by Hannah): see attached photos!

A good day was had by all.

Loch Long – the 29 steps

After a tasty breakfast roll and tea/coffee, we drove the 7 miles towards Finnart. The site is between the missile loading pier and Finnart pier. Thank you Keith for introducing us to this new (to Divetech)site.

There is parking for 3 -4 cars and access across the road to a pebble beach site via a set of steps (29 if you allow for some poetic licence).

Attendees were Keith, our organiser and ACI, Stuart our OWI of the day, Zadgil our Sports diver in training, Carolyn our assistant dive manager for the day and myself, also ACI.

Buddy check
Buddy check

Carolyn got her Sports Diver assistant dive manager signed off and Zadgil got various Sports Diver skills signed off as in diving with a SMB for the first dive and the second with compass work and deploying a dSMB. Well done both of you.

Testing out Sports Diver skills
Testing out Sports Diver skills

This is a very good training site with easy access, a good safe clear approach to entry in the water, easy kit assembly area and donning via a handy man made stone jetty. It is not a high activity site for things to see but there are plenty small things there and a submerged platform which is great for starting skills from in approx 8-10m without kicking up silt etc. Stuart and I had  two lovely dives in reasonable Loch Long vis and had a good explore of the area.

I for one would recommend further training there this year. AND it was gloriously sunny! Thank you Keith for organising the dive and the weather today.

Not a bad spot to dive - The Cobbler in sunshine
Not a bad spot to dive – The Cobbler in sunshine

Written By Ann Dustan

Getting back into the water

Kit serviced? Check.

Days getting longer? Check.

Weather improving? Hmmm….

With Winter behind us many Divetech members began getting back into the water between February and April to test kit and ease into the diving year. Some were lucky enough to do their first dives of the year in warm waters (lucky devils) while others braved the slightly cooler waters of East and West Coast Scotland (surely Dunbar and Loch Long are Scotland’s are just as exotic as the Red Sea and the Caribbean?).

Divetech’s first official club dive of the year took place on 17th April with the club RIB heading to Bass Rock for some scenic dives. The visability may not have gin clear but our divers got in and Shaun got a chance to practice his new Boat Handling skills after successfully completing the course at Port Edgar earlier in the year.

May this be the first of many Divetech club dives.

Ocean Diver Trainees Put Theory into Practice

After sessions in the classroom learning about the theory of scuba diving Divetech’s new Ocean Diver trainees put what they have learned into practice in Leith Academy’s pool (April 2014). Well done everyone for making it through the first few pool sessions.

First things first - learning how to assemble your kit. Alex lends a helping hand.
First things first – learning how to assemble your kit. Alex lends a helping hand.
Planning the dive before jumping in. Sarah talks a trainee through the exercise.
Planning the dive before jumping in. Sarah talks a trainee through the exercise.


Getting in the water…

…and practicing some skills.