Oxygen Administration Course

Hi all, as you know Divetech ran BSAC Oxygen Administration Course this weekend on Saturday the 21st of May 2016. This was held at Ann’s Dental Surgery at 55 Captains Road. Thank you for all your organisation Alex and thanks to Keith who came along to help as well.

Many congratulations to our six successful students! Hannah, Carolyn, Zadjil, Shaun Simpson, Shaun Cessford and Rafal Pipczynski. All passed the multiple choice exam after a full day of lectures and a lot of practical applications.

The lectures went over the basis for oxygen as a first aid measure in diving incidents. DCI and Burst Lung were extensively covered. Recording of incidents and all measures taken after recovery of a casualty were reiterated as were the involvement of the emergency services.

The practical included Basic Life Support – DrABC, CPR on the Annes (not me – no e!) and Paolo; practice of the recovery position on each other; use of the pocket mask as an adjunct to BLS; setting up and use of the oxygen administration equipment which the club has and is kept on the boat.

We all had tremendous fun and worked hard with two Resusciannes and one Ambu Man (named Paulo by Hannah): see attached photos!

A good day was had by all.

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